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Our Association was formed in 1919 to improve the pensions of retired officers in post World War One Britain. Its terms of reference are:-

'To safeguard the rights of members and to promote measures for their welfare, with particular regard to pensions'

The Humberside Branch is based on the geographical area of the Humberside Police Area. Our members are retirees from the Humberside Police and from forces that operated in the area prior to the formation of Humberside in April 1974

Those forces included:-

Hull City Police, Lincolnshire Constabulary, West Yorkshire Police, West Riding Police, York and North East Yorkshire Police, East Riding of Yorkshire Police and Grimsby Borough Police.

coat of arms


Coat of Arms

Our Armorial Bearings are described as "An Achievement of Arms", by the Royal College of Arms.
The Crest shows a Griffin, traditionally the guardian of treasure, holding a Gold Bezant which signifies the treasure. Its wings are chequered, to signify our connection with the Police Service and this is repeated around the Shield. It sits on a Wreath of blue and gold atop a Helm, which is common to almost all crests. This signifies the executive looking after the members' finances.

The Helm and Mantle of blue and gold are part of the Achievement and would be there whatever design we had chosen.

The Shield shows a "pelican in its piety". In mediaeval times the pelican was believed to peck its own breast until it bled so that its young might be nourished by the blood. This became a symbol for Christ's sacrifice and over the ages, has become generally accepted as a symbol of benevolence and service to others.

The Scroll shows the motto in Latin - "Eis Servire Qui Serviverunt" - which means "Of Service to those who Served."
The whole Achievement of Arms represents NARPO, the organisation and what it stands for.