Site Updated 27/04/2017

Branch News


Following the AGM the Humberside NARPO Branch Committee for 2017 is as follows;
Stuart Richardson (Chair), Welfare & Pensions
Kevin Rack (Secretary) Pensions
Tony Walsh (Scunthorpe) Welfare
Glynis Walsh (Scunthorpe)
Steve Clay (Scunthorpe)
Ken Bates (Sth Bank)
Michael Thornton (Nth Bank)
Mally Wiles (Nth Bank)
Chris Atkins (Nth Bank)
Paul Henderson (Nth Bank)
Roy Taylor (Nth Bank)
Dot Wright (Nth Bank)
Richard DeLisle (Nth Bank)
The Secretary has numbers for all of them should you wish to speak to anyone in particular so please don’t hesitate to contact us.




The Committee have agreed a provisional programme of events for 2017.
Some of these involve catering and so require a notification from you when you receive the appropriate Newsletter spaces are on a first come first served basis, if you are away from home but would like to attend a future event please contact the Secretary ASAP don’t leave it as places may go.